jewelry repair

Replacing a diamond

With proper care and maintenance your jewelry can last you a lifetime! And even become that favored family heirloom that will get passed down from generation to generation!

We offer repair services from simple cleanings and inspections, (This is a FREE services while you shop!), to a complete rebuild of your piece! There is no job too small or too large for us to handle!

How will you know when it's time to bring in your jewelry for repair? If any of the following happens:

When you hear a "rattle" coming from the piece when you move.
When your jewelry starts to snag on your clothes.
Your favorite ring no longer fits.
Or, the piece just doesn't shine like it used to.
If any of these are happening to you, bring it in and let us make it like new again

we buy gold


Buying gold in Kansas City; Are you looking to sell your gold or gold jewelry in the Kansas City area? Jewelry By Morgan wants to buy it from you!

Jewelers have been buying and recycling gold since the first lady wanted to get rid of her old jewelry and get a new ring, so we know what your gold is worth. Why take the risk of mailing your jewelry and gold to some unknown office half way across the country, wait for them to make and offer, and then mail you a check, when you can come down to our store and have a local jeweler hand you a check today!

Jewelry By Morgan pays top dollar for your old, broken, and unwanted silver and gold jewelry, gold coins, and gold watches. With gold prices maintaining their all time highs now is the best time to sell your old jewelry that is just collecting dust.

To find out what your gold is worth come down to our store and our highly trained staff will be glad to help you get the best value you can for your gold.

watch repair

Price dependent upon repairs needed and cost of parts.

When you need your watch serviced or repaired you want to make sure the watch maker is the best there is! At Jewelry By Morgan we have one of the best watch makers in the country with Richard Trombla who has been a member of AWCI for 25 years and is also professionally trained by Rolex. Whether your watch needs a simple cleaning or a complete restoration, it is safe with us and you can be assured the work will be done with meticulous care and precision.

  • Watch Repair Services:
  • * Complete disassembly of the movement
  • * Examination of all parts
  • * Replacement of any damaged or worn parts
  • * All parts ultrasonically cleaned
  • * All parts individually lubricated
  • * Complete examination and cleaning of case
  • * Timing electronically checked and adjusted
  • * All watches are set and run for final inspection and observation before returning to the customer
  • Battery Replacement:
  • Please visit our store or call our store for battery replacement service inquiries. We replace batteries in many brands of watches, excluding some fashion watches.
  • Band Replacement / Adjustment
  • Please visit our store or call our store for band replacement and adjustment service inquiries. We replace and adjust bands in many brands of watches, excluding some fashion watches.
jewelry appraisals

Jewelry Appraisal documentIt is always important to keep an up-to-date jewelry appraisal on hand! This document is used to establish the value of your jewelry for insurance purposes as well as for estate planning. In the unfortunate instance where your jewelry has been stolen, damaged, or lost, the appraisal will provide your insurance carrier and the police an up to date picture and description so that you will be compensated fairly for your loss.

Morgan has extensive experience in the jewelry industry and has been preparing appraisals throughout his entire jewelry career. His appraisals include a complete description of your piece including important attributes about your gemstones, a photo, and an established value. This entire report is then printed on our letterhead and inserted into a page protected folder for your convenience.Antique Jewelry Appraisal

Once we have prepared an appraisal for you, we will be happy to update that appraisal on request or as required when the value has signifcantly changed.

Now is a good time to bring in those valuable and heirloom pieces so that we can help you protect your memories!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions concerning the appraisal process!